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3 Ingredient Gooey Raspberry Trifle Recipe

3 Ingredient Gooey Raspberry Trifle Recipe

I am a sucker for Valentine's Day and by default... festive goodies too. Just can't get enough of pink and red this time of the year. I had it in mind to try using Raspberry pie filling with just a cake mix to see how that would taste. Because I've tried using soda and even sweet potato with cake mix and it's been super simple as well as ultra delicious and moist. Well, it's official I baked up a yellow cake mix with only a can of Raspberry Pie filling and it's delish! What I love best is the pretty red color that the raspberry makes the cake. Almost like a red velvet color, which is one of my favorite!

Make this easy 3 Ingredient Trifle with Raspberry cake and real whipped cream!

Wanting to keep this V-day treat nice and simple, I decided to use additional filling to make a raspberry whipped topping too. All in all, it's just 3 ingredients to make a scrumptious... and totally gooey trifle for your favorite sweeties this love infused holiday.

Super easy Valentine's Day Dessert with only 3 ingredients!


3 Ingredient Gooey Raspberry Trifle Recipe


  • Classic Yellow Cake Box Mix (approx 16.5 oz)
  • 2 Cans of Raspberry Pie Filling (approx 21 oz ea.)
  • 16 oz Heavy or Whipping Cream


  1. Preheat oven according to package directions for the size pan that you are going to bake your cake with. Mix box cake mix with one can of Raspberry Pie filling thoroughly. This will take a little longer than usual to get all the bumps out. Bake according to directions. Meanwhile, whip your heavy cream or whipping cream with a high powered mixer until peaks are formed and it looks like whipped cream. Fold in ¾ of the additional can of Raspberry Pie Filling until blended. Refrigerate. Once cake is done, cool completely. Then, you can layer your cake and raspberry filling in small individual bowls or small mason jars for pretty serving.
  2. Reserve the remaining ¼ of the can of raspberry filling for drizzling on top of the dessert. I simply used a plastic baggie and cut a corner of it to drizzle over the whipped layer. Serving size will vary depending on how you prepare your dessert.

Yum! Want more fun Valentine's Day Ideas? You'll find fun printable gifts, crafts and of course recipes!

What are your favorite Valentine's Day goodies to eat or prepare?

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Thursday 13th of February 2014

For Valentine's Day I like anything chocolate, preferably dark chocolate. Great recipe it looks delicious. That's a great idea to add the raspberry pie filling to the cake mix. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Deanna @ mommyGAGA

Friday 7th of February 2014

I am all for simple desserts, thanks for sharing!

deborah noland

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

I'm 66 years old, I have never seen raspberry pie filling. ????


Sunday 2nd of February 2014

This looks so tempting! Can't wait to try it out, thanks!


Thursday 30th of January 2014

This looks amazing...thank you so much for sharing.

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