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Pumpkin Spice Refrigerator Cake

Pumpkin Spice Refrigerator Cake

Little Big Town describes their new record as aggressive and bold. (Kind of how I like my coffee). It brings you high and low. Are you a little or big fan of the group? Hopefully big and if not, I think you will be after you check out some exclusive content and chances to win from the band. You'll find exclusive interviews and live performances that you won't find anywhere else. This is a sponsored post with Lunchbox about Walmart Soundcheck, regardless all opinions are my own.

In episode one on the Walmart's Soundcheck Platform, the group said if thinking of their new album Pain Killer in terms of food, this one would be considered "extra large". So as a tribute to them, I decided to take a little graham cracker and transform it into a super sized dessert. The best part is that it's EASY and you can just make a single serving.

little to big dessert - tribute to Little Big Town

After checking out one of the interviews with Little Big Town, I felt like I was at a real sit down with them. They're casual, fun and did a great job of sharing what their new album was all about. It was so descriptive that I took it pretty literally when they compared it to food. Let's just say the way to my heart is through my stomach, but you already know that. Don't ya?


If you're in the mood for a quick fix of awesome music, visit Walmart Soundcheck now. Then, go ahead and make yourself a little BIG dessert for later.

pumpkin refrigerator cake

Single Serve Pumpkin Spice Refrigerator Cake


  • ⅓ Cup Pumpkin Spice Pudding Prepared (or flavor of choice)
  • 2 Whole Graham Crackers (broken in half)
  • Whipped Topping
  • Optional: Caramel and Cinnamon to top


  1. Place one graham cracker and top and spread pudding over the top. Stack another graham cracker on top and repeat the process until all 4 pieces are stacked. Cover and refrigerate for 2-4 hours, top with whipped topping and caramel and/or cinnamon if desired.

pumpkin refrigerator cake singles that are simple to make and delicious going down

Now don't you go running off to listen until you finish reading because I have an even BIGGER treat for you!

Chance to win a signed guitar by Little Big Town!

I am pretty thrilled to be able to offer up a chance to win a signed guitar by Little Big Town. What a seriously sweet prize!

The sweepstakes ends on 11:59 p.m. PT on Monday, November 17, 2014

Get your entries in on the form below! Good luck!

Little Big Town Guitar


So, are you a fan of Little Big Town? Have you watched their exclusive performances on Walmart Soundcheck yet?

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Stefani Tolson

Monday 10th of November 2014

This sounds really good. I was just craving pumpkin pie this weekend. I might have to try your recipe!

Liz Mays

Friday 7th of November 2014

I'm not sure if I like them or not. I don't know what they sing. I guess I'd better get with it!

Sandra Watts

Thursday 6th of November 2014

Thanks for the recipe. I pinned.

Dawn McAlexander

Thursday 6th of November 2014

If it says pimpkin spice, you can always count me in. Having Little Big Town involved is even better. Gosh I love them!

Amy Desrosiers

Thursday 6th of November 2014

Well those certainly look appealing! I'd love to try them out soon!

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