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Leprechaun Samoa Ice Pops Recipe

Green stuff. It's everywhere around St. Patrick's Day! I've been thinking about green foods for the past couple of weeks, it's not an easy color to make treats with that's for sure. While grocery shopping last week, some lime sherbet caught my eye and I rejoiced a bit inside. You see, I don't like mint or pistachio ice cream. Is that weird?

Leprechaun Samoa Pops #StPatricksDay #Recipe
Well anyway, Samoa Girl Scout Cookies have always been my favorite and I'd also seen so many fabulous recipes on Pinterest using the concept. These really caught my eye "Samoa Popsicles" absolutely gorgeous, but I also want to know how in the world they got their pops to stand like that?

Anyway, the strange idea to make Leprechaun Samoa Ice Pops entered my St. Paddy's Day brainstorms and I just went for it. Perhaps it's a strange bunch of ingredients to merge together, but my goodness it works. It reminds me of some Key Lime Coconut Patties my mom brings home from her vacations in Florida from time to time too. So yummy!

Leprechaun Samoa Ice Pops Recipe


  • 1 Quart Lime Sherbet
  • 7.5 oz Magic Shell or Hershey's Shell
  • ¾ Cup Toasted Coconut
  • Caramel Topping ( I used Smucker's Sundae Syrup)
  • Mini Bathroom Cups (3 ounce size) I used Dixie Brand
  • Wooden sticks or lollipop sticks


  1. Let lime sherbet defrost for about an hour. Fill your mini cups up about ⅓ of the way. Stick them in the freezer for about a ½ hour. Then add a pinch of toasted coconut on top of the sherbert layer. Then cover the coconut with some caramel topping. Finally add a thin layer of the chocolate shell topping. Let set just a minute. Once it's firmed up, you can add the rest of your sherbet to fill the cups. Set in the freezer for about a ½ hour, then stick your wooden sticks or lollipop sticks into the center. Continue to freeze for at least 4 hours before serving. To get the pops out of the cups, I cut into the rim and then peel away the paper. Drizzle some chocolate shell topping onto the top of each pop and press some of the remaining toasted coconut into it right before serving.
  2. Makes approx 10 pops. Enjoy!
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Monday 3rd of March 2014

Yum! Just perfect for St. Patrick's Day! I love Samoas too, so I can't wait to try these. I would be thrilled if you would share this at my Get Your Blarney On! linky party. It's all about celebrating St. Patrick's Day! Hope to see you there!

Ellen Christian

Wednesday 6th of March 2013

Those do look tempting!

Kara Marks

Saturday 2nd of March 2013

What a great receipe idea--thanks!

Heather Howard

Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Interesting recipe...though not for me..LoL...cannot imagine mixing lime sherbert with chocolate or caramel...Kudos to those with the taste buds who will enjoy this. :-)


Saturday 8th of March 2014

I'm going to have to agree not sure how lime fits in this recipe... maybe mixing green for coloring with vanilla ice cream.

Bridget Hopper

Friday 1st of March 2013

these sound yummy!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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