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Whimsical Mini Pink Unicorn Christmas Tree

Whimsical Mini Pink Unicorn Christmas Tree

Pretty pink Christmas? Now there's a new way to include this gorgeous vibrant color to your home for the holidays. Today, I'm sharing whimsical Mini Pink Unicorn Christmas Tree ideas that are perfect for decorating small spaces and girls' bedrooms. Thanks to Puleo International for sponsoring this post.

thin pink christmas tree decorated with a unicorn theme. next to a cream colored shell chair with a donut pillow resting on it

If you love a heavy dose of nostalgia with your holiday, Puleo International is officially known as The Oldest Family Name for Christmas Trees in America®. It all started with a vision to bring the magic of Christmas to life with the perfect detailed artificial tree.

pretty pink gift sitting on a shell shaped chair with a donut pillow and unicorn stuffed animal next to it. tall pink christmas tree in the background.

The magic still lives on today through a huge range of artificial Christmas trees from Firs to the stunning small pink tree that I'm sharing today. I'm so excited to share the possibilities to light up your home with these adorable unicorn inspired ideas.


If you are looking for the PERFECT pink holiday spread for your smaller rooms or girl's bedroom, this unicorn theme is for you!

The inspiration behind this cute tree was whimsy, childhood dreams and a heavy dose of Christmas magic. I hope you love it and get inspired to create your very own dreamy set up for the holidays.

cute pink tree corner for girls bedroom. 4.5' pink pencil christmas tree


For a fun unicorn tree, you could use a simple topper like a snowflake or a star.

If you want something cute and whimsical and over-the-top, go with a unicorn piñata. You won't regret it.

up close view of a medium sized unicorn pinata being used as a christmas tree topper on a small think pink christmas tree

I love the extra dash of holiday magic this topper brings to this adorable tree. To secure it in place, bend the top tree stems around the piñata to wedge it in for support.

Now on to the rest of the pretty tree!


There are so many different directions to go with when it comes to decorating the perfect unicorn tree.

These are my favorite ornaments, ribbons and decorations that are perfect for a smaller pink mini Christmas tree. You really don't need much to fill a thin 4.5" tree.

really cute tiny unicorn pinata on a candy colored pink christmas tree with fluffy pink ribbon decor and mini peppermint pinatas
  • Mini Unicorn Pinatas
  • Mini Pastel Peppermint Ornament Pinatas
  • Pink Frosting Ribbon
  • Pink Glitter Ornaments
  • Pink Crown Ornaments
  • Large Pink Bows
  • Pink Curly Floral Picks.
mini pink peppermint pinata ornament on a candy pink christmas tree

Smaller trees are SO easy to decorate, so simply pick and choose your very favorite elements to add to it and have a blast decorating!

fluffy bright pink metallic ribbon used as a christmas tree decoration on a pink tree

I'm so obsessed with the drippy icing ribbon as an added touch! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Would you like even festive inspiration? I’m so excited to share Amy’s tree decorating ideas as a part of our fun tree collaboration with Puleo International. Visit Savvy Saving Couple to check out her larger than life gnome tree ideas!

extra large puleo christmas tree

It's SO pretty and larger than life. It literally makes me feel like I've just walked onto a Christmas Movie set. How could you not feel holly and jolly with a tree like this?

pink unicorn themed christmas tree, shell chair with donut pillow and unicorn stuffed animal. unicorn wrapping paper gifts under the tree. pastel colored tree skirt.

If you love these ideas, please share with a friend!

If you are looking for an artificial Christmas Tree, Puleo International. offers a huge selection found at many of your favorite stores from Amazon to Home Depot. Visit their Amazon Store here to start planning your holiday.

christmas tree promotional image for pinterest

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