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S'mores Dessert Board

S'mores Dessert Board

This post is sponsored by Honey Maid. The opinions and text are all mine.

Looking for the perfect way to bond with your family? Look no further than a fun S'mores Dessert Board. It's perfect for the end of summer celebrations before schedules start to get hectic. There's nothing like the perfect bite of melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow between your very favorite graham crackers. I'm excited to share how to put together an extra happy dessert spread featuring HONEY MAID Grahams available at Publix. 

s'mores charcuterie board filled with chocolate bars, chocolate graham crackers, honey graham crackers, cinnamon graham crackers, chocolate hazelnut spread and candies


If you are looking for the best dessert or snack charcuterie board to enjoy with the whole family, look no further. This delicious spread of ingredients will soon be your family's favorite way to enjoy a moment together. 

To get started, you need to choose a s'mores serving tray or platter that you will use. Next, I am sharing yummy ingredient ideas to add for the perfect treat.


The very most important part of creating the perfect S'mores Dessert Board is picking the best ingredients. Let's start with base since it's one of the most important ingredients! Enter Honey Maid Grahams in a variety of options! Setting out two or three options is best!

s'mores charcuterie board with publix recycle bag and honey maid graham boxes

I absolutely adore HONEY MAID Grahams, Honey, Cinnamon and Chocolate for the ultimate in tasty options. It's a fantastic time to upgrade your S'mores plans because if you shop Publix now, you can take advantage of a special coupon!

  • Variety of Graham Crackers. I used HONEY MAID Grahams, Honey, Cinnamon and Chocolate.
  • Variety of Chocolate Bars from Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate.
  • Alternatives to classic Chocolate Bars such as Peanut Butter Cups.
dish filled with s'mores chocolates, candies, sprinkles and spreads
  • Marshmallows - I love choosing unique flavors and shapes. Add a couple varieties if you like.
  • Dips and Spreads such as chocolate hazelnut, raspberry jam and peanut butter.
  • Sprinkles are such a fun addition to a S'mores platter. You can sprinkle them onto your creation once it's melty and ready to enjoy.
  • Additional candies make fun add ons to take your S'mores  Charcuterie Board over the top.


Now that you have your platter or tray and ingredients picked out, it's time to set things up nice and pretty.

setting up a s'mores dessert board with graham crackers, candies and chocolate

Here are a few simple tips to make it happen.

  • Use smaller dishes in a variety of sizes and shapes to divide ingredients.
  • Alternate shapes and colors when you set up the ingredients.
  • Carefully cover the whole platter until every inch is covered.
s'mores dessert platter filled with three varieties of graham crackers, candies, chocolates and marshmallows

Voila! That is literally it. Just a few small steps until you are ready to serve your yummy dessert!

s'mores dessert grazing board with candies, spreads, graham crackers

Want to turn your dessert into a family moment?

Make dessert more exciting by visiting Publix and using the HONEY MAID coupon. 


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Maria McWhinnie

Sunday 19th of September 2021

This is so cute and fun! I love it! ❤️💜


Friday 17th of September 2021

Love it! The kids would love me forever! 😂

Janell Poulette

Friday 17th of September 2021

Cute idea! I’m heading to Publix this weekend so I’ll grab this deal!

Tammy Northrup

Thursday 16th of September 2021

Such a fun idea. I love this!


Thursday 16th of September 2021

My kids love Honey Maid graham crackers. Totally going to surprise them with one of these boards for an after school treat.

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