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Good Vibes DIY Surprise Gift Box

Good Vibes DIY Surprise Gift Box

Right now, we could all use a little lighthearted fun! I'm so excited to share this thoughtful gift idea that's perfect for sending some good cheer to friends and neighbors. Send friends & neighbors a Good Vibes DIY surprise gift box! Fill with fun goodies like the new Trident VIBES Sour Berry Twist to brighten someone’s day in the very best way! This is a sponsored post.

balloons popping out of a box surprise

When is a good time to give someone a surprise gift? My answer is anytime! This fun example that I'm sharing today is actually made to gift out anyday and maybe especially when the person needs some cheering up.  Sending good cheer or good vibes in a box is probably one of the most thoughtful things that you could do with such little effort.



To make a diy gift surprise box, you really just need a cardboard box and balloons. Helium balloons are the most fun for this, but you can use regular balloons as well for a fun effect. What you put inside your gift box is what adds the most character. 

I put together some fun ideas on how to create a good vibes gift box to brighten someone's day to get you started. You can easily customize and swap out items to make it all your own.

good vibes gift box


  • Trident VIBES Sour Berry Twist available at Walmart
  • Light Up Balloons or other Balloon Games
  • Colorful Sunglasses
  • Party Poppers
  • Paper Crowns
  • Star Shaped Items like toys, trinkets, lip glass, etc.
  • Craft letter stickers
  • Journals & notepads
  • Bubbles
  • Sticky Hands or other fun slime toys
  • Small toys like party favor style items

Once you put your gift box selections together. You will want to add it to a large empty box that has room enough for a few balloons.

balloons coming out of a box


You will need a large box and some balloons (3 is a good starting point).

I used a Scotch Large Mailing, Moving, & Storage Box, 18" x 18" x 16" size.


To add your helium balloons, you will want to add a balloon weight so that the balloons don't fly away.

Measure out the length of your balloon string so that they pop out just the right amount once your giftee opens the box.

If you choose to just do regular balloons, you can skip the string and weight. Just place them into the box. The giftee will need to soft through the balloons to get to the gift box, so it will still be a fun surprise.

good vibes in a box diy gift idea

For an extra touch, you can also gift wrap the entire box and add a bow. 

Whoever receives this fun gift box will sure touched and have their day brightened! 




balloons popping out of a box surprise


Thanks to Trident VIBES Sour Berry Twist, available at Walmart for sponsoring this fun idea that I originally shared on social media! I wanted to add the idea on the blog too so that none of you missed it.

good vibes gift box

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.