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April Fools' Day Candy Board Ideas

April Fools' Day Candy Board Ideas

Do you like to have a little fun on April Fools' Day? Traditionally, I've always loved to play a few tricks. My favorite to-date is to tape the handle of the water sprayer down on the sink. When your victim turns the water on, they'll get a surprise. This year's contribution of tricks and pranks comes in the form of this epic candy charcuterie board! This post may contain affiliate links.

gag candy and pranks on a tray

Instead of delightful treats, it's filled with pranks and the ultimate in sour, spicy and downright gross candies. I couldn't be more stoked to share this big list of April Fools' candy to get you started! 

the best sour candies on a charcuterie board

I'm kind of obsessed with this fun way to get a little silly. While it's all about pranks and shenanigans on April Fools Day, this tray of crazy candy is best "enjoyed" when everyone knows that they are in for it. And make sure to only add age-appropriate tricks to your board. This board was made with my own son in mind who loves extreme sour and extreme spicy foods with friends. It's like more of an activity... who can handle the most terrible candies for longer? 

funny candy board

Candy Charcuterie Ideas for April Fools' Day could not be more perfect to celebrate!


April Fools! It's what you'll be saying as you present a tray full of the most sour, spicy and grotesque candies around. Throw in some classic pranks and it will be more like an event to remember. This terrible candy board would also be perfect as a Halloween charcuterie board or for a night-in with teens or tweens. It has the makings to even be the worst sleepover food ever, making it pretty perfect.

candy in packages that are sour, funny and gross.

With so many fun things to do on this silly holiday, this funny candy board is among the very best ideas ever.


Celebrate April Fools day in the very worst way. Pick out the worst candies and pranks ever and get ready to have some fun. Don't forget to grab your camera. There is bound to be some gut-busting laugh-worthy photo opps!

First thing to do is to pick out a large tray or board. Think serving trays or cutting boards to set up your candy on.

cutest big gummy bear and toxic waste candy

Next! Pick all of your candy selections and prank ideas. Here is the big list of hand-picked "tricks" to get your ideas started.


  • Sour Patch Big Kids Candy, here.
  • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Sour Gummy Worms, here.

candy board with gummy worms and big sour patch kids


  • Skittles Sweet Heat, Bite Size Candies, here.
  • World's Hottest Chocolate Bar, here.

dill pickle mints and more gross candies


  • Jelly Belly Bean Boozled, here.
  • Dill Pickle Flavored Mints, here.
  • eFrutti Gummy Food Mega Mix, here. This mix has some sweet, some sour AND a little gross.

Toxic waste sour candy and shock prank gum


  • Wax lips are a classic. These are the ones I used here.
  • Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks Candy, here.
  • Pop Boom Popping Candy, here
  • Soda Cans Fizzy Candy, here.

Toxic Waste Candy Barrel sitting on a load of other April Fools Candy.

  • Rainbow Puke Lollipop, here.
  • GIANT GUMMY MUSTACHE Lollipop, here.
  • Giant Gummy Bears, here.

Funny tray of candies with giant gummy bear, colorful lollipops, soda candies.


  • Snapping Gum Prank, here.
  • Pranks and Gags Screaming Candy Jar, here.
  • Other fillers: Variety of colors of Sixlets by Color It Candy and matching sprinkles.

candy charcuterie board loaded with joke and prank candies for april fools' day

Hope you loved these absolutely terrible candy and pranks!


Want to celebrate Fat Tuesday? These Mardi Gras Candy ideas are perfect to get the party started.

This candy board adds a pop of fun to your St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrate a birthday party with this super colorful and happy charcuterie board.

candy board with gummy worms and big sour patch kids

April Fools' Day Candy Board

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Candy Charcuterie Board to celebrate April Fools Day with sour, spicy and gross candy. Plus extra pranks like shock gum.


  • Wack-O-Wax Candy Lips
  • Sour Patch Big Kids Candy
  • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Sour Gummy Worms
  • Nik-L-Nip Mini Drinks Candy
  • Skittles Sweet Heat, Bite Size Candies
  • Giant Gummy Bears
  • World's Hottest Chocolate Bar
  • eFrutti Gummy Food Mega Mix
  • Pop Boom Popping Candy
  • Soda Cans Fizzy Candy
  • Dill Pickle Flavored Mints
  • Jelly Belly Bean Boozled
  • Rainbow Poop Swirl Lollipops
  • Mini Rainbow Twisty Lollipops
  • Rainbow Puke Lollipop
  • Non-food pranks:
  • Pranks and Gags Screaming Candy Jar
  • Snapping Gum Prank


  1. Choose a large tray or cutting board.
  2. Layer your board with all your candies being sure to fill it up completely.
  3. Use sprinkles and smaller candies as fillers.
Prank Charcuterie Board


What would you add to this horribly silly candy charcuterie board?

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