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Drive By Party & Car Parades - No Contact

Drive By Party & Car Parades - No Contact

 Hosting a drive by party is a great way to remain connected to your community while still maintaining social distancing guidelines that you might be adhering to. Let's face it, the current situation has made even the most introverted of us a bit stir crazy. Don't even get me started on how extroverts are handling this whole thing... Hosting a drive by party is a new thing, and it's something that lets people who choose to be connected while still staying apart if you choose. I think they're genius, and I have some fun no contact party ideas for celebrating birthdays at home to whooping it up for graduation parties. This post may contain affiliate links. Updated 2/9/21.

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Before we get started, I just want to emphasize that these ideas are simply inspiration. It's your responsibility to take all of the safety measures needed before trying to plan a drive by party or car parade. That includes taking into consideration any local guidelines as well as other safety precautions for cars and people that will keep everyone safe and sound on every level possible. Thank you! (Update, I just shared some no contact Valentine's Day ideas here if you are interested.) 

UPDATE: Listen to my recent podcast on the topic of socially distant creative celebrations over on Wishslate.

Drive By Party idea


Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other special occasions have been put on hold until we can get out and about again. Heck, Mother's Day is coming up, and we're still being told that the best gift we can give mom is staying away from her. LOL. Because we're all being advised to stay away from each other, I've put together some ideas for hosting a drive-by party so we can all be together without actually being together.

Car Parade Printed Invitations

I'm absolutely elated with the creativity I've seen online and I'm excited to share my favorite finds so you can enjoy a contact free celebration if you would like as well!
drive by car parade for social distancing

Photo Credit: Keeping It Classy Events


Birthdays are generally a time when we all get together to celebrate that special someone's big day. Well, since we can't get together, let's get our cars together. How about a car parade?

What is a birthday car parade? Have family and friends create signs and decorate their cars with birthday wishes. You can even gently toss presents out the window of the car or simply set up a small table or set out a blanket for drop off. Just be sure they aren't breakable. If you have space, the cars can even line the street and everyone can sing Happy Birthday out of their car windows. 

drive by party car decorations

Photo Credit: Paper Caper Lake Oswego


Anniversaries are such a huge part of life. They mark another year of being committed to just one person for the rest of your life. They should be all about love, togetherness, and celebration. Even though we can't get together for big meals and parties, we can still show how much we care by hosting a drive by party. Decorate the cars with anniversary well-wishes and bring along a small item that marks the year. For example, if the happy couple has been married for 5 years, everyone can bring a small stick or piece of wood and then toss it in the yard like confetti while the couple watches. 

neighborhood toy car drive by parade for little kids social distancing

Photo Credit: Sequins and Lipstick 


This one is easy. Decorate the cars (are you sensing a theme here?) and give your well wishes well away from the graduate. Of course, graduates always love getting money for a gift, so make it fun by attaching your gift card to some sort of object that can be thrown - gently, don't bean the graduate - on to the lawn. It's a fun way to say congratulations without breaking that minimum distance. Here is a sample of a drive by party yard sign. Would be perfect for graduations or any birthday or celebration.

drive by graduation sign for social distancing celebration

Photo Credit: Pink On The Weekend


Mother's Day is coming up, so we'll use that one as an example. This is probably the easiest of all drive by party ideas because it's the smallest. You and your siblings simply show up at mom's house and park in the driveway. She can relax on the porch or the lawn while you and any siblings you have can sit in the car and have a nice Mother's Day get together while maintaining social distancing. 

Taco Tuesday

If you're missing your friends, why not host a Taco Tuesday drive by party? If allowed, you can park on the side of the street. If not, find a large parking lot where you can all park one space away from each other. Everyone brings tacos, chows down, and has great conversations with one another at a safe distance. Remember, you're driving, so Taco Tuesday will have to be sans Margaritas in this instance. 

Retirement Drive by Party for social distancing

Photo Credit: Wethersfield CT PD

Drive By Party Sign and Balloons




If you are celebrating at home, check out this birthday candy charcuterie board. Here are a few fun ideas that I've spotted for serving up a little something to your drive by friends.

car parade party cookies

Photo Credit: Sherls Cookie Crumbs

quarantine party favor stickers

Photo Credit: We_Love_Stickers

social distancing drive by snack table

Photo Credit: Aracely_Diaz_Eventos 


Don't want to do a drive-by style party? I have just the thing for you. 

Give out DIY party boxes. See how to set up a Drive-by party table where friends can come pick up their own party box, say hi and then have a party of their own with the goodies you give them. Easy and fun. Total win to celebrate any occasion.

Drive by party boxes

Hosting a Drive By Party is Easy

All you need are people and cars, really. I'm all about keeping celebrations easy! The rest is up to your imagination. From car decorations to fun little presents, all you need for hosting a drive by party is willing participants and a lot of goodwill. In these times when getting together might not be a thing, let's get creative and find ways to connect without getting TOO close.

Drive By Party & Parades Supplies

Here is what you need to plan a drive by party or car parade to celebrate a birthday, graduation or other milestone at home.

Happy celebrating! If you have more fun ideas on how to celebrate like this, please share. We would love to hear from you.

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Monday 29th of November 2021

We are doing a drive-by goodbye. How do you get the letters to stick on the car without damaging it? What material do you use (ike in the retirement picture above?

Yesenia delrosario

Friday 22nd of May 2020

Hello I am a single parent of a 17 year old daughter who was supposed to have the ideal graduation class of 2020 , this year and due to the pandemic it has been hard for her to understand exactly why she wouldn’t be able to experience a high school graduation, I am looking for resources to try and see how I can go about arranging a graduation drive by celebration, I have no family in jersey where I live so that would be hard to arrange , any ideas , I want to put a smile on her face and make her day memorable pls help

Dianne thigpen

Friday 10th of July 2020

Your daughter deserves her time in the spotline. Virtual graduations are fun and ez to put together. Every step can be done contactless! You and your guests will remain safe in your own homes. Search Youtube for ideas. You will find ideas for sending invitations via various online sources and creating backdrops. For guests that want to share a gift they can send early & watch your graduate open them online. Start 3 weeks out for planning purposes to allow time to create a Facebook group page and invite your guests to share in her graduation exercise via a Zoom graduation. Your daughter will feel special and guests will enjoy celebrating live with you. Think of the memories your daughter will tell in the future about the Corona virus and her graduation! Celebrate <3


Thursday 21st of May 2020

I am so appreciative for your website. Be safe!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.