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Blood Spatter OREO Cookies for Halloween

Blood Spatter OREO Cookies for Halloween

Over the years, I've done all types of Halloween sweet treats from spiders to monsters galore. One of my very favorite creations happens to be the most easy to make. Isn't that always the way? Enter Blood Spatter OREO cookies! {Insert evil laugh here} These may look familiar to you if you've been following my blog for a while now. I originally included this idea in another post with even more creepy Halloween ideas a while ago but thought it was time to re-share this particular cookie recipe all on it's own with a little more detail. So, get your flicking finger ready and prepare for some splattery spatter and spooky fun. This post contains affiliate links.

Bloody Oreos

Are you ready to turn one of America's favorite store-bought cookies into something a bit more ghoury? Of course you are! You have most certainly come to the right place. Get ready to flick super sweet icing all over your cookies. It's actually super satisfying as an added bonus.

Blood Spatter OREO Cookies Recipe

Make your OREO Cookies creep-tastic with some blood spatter. This is going to be one of the easiest cookie "recipes" you have ever made and everyone is going to love them. Brace yourself, because if you blink you might miss it all. You simply just need two ingredients to make this all happen and it's worth every flick and super sweet drip of bloody looking icing. Boo! These Halloween cookies are good for so many themed parties such as Zombie parties, Dexter themed parties, Haunted Halloween parties and so much more.

Halloween Oreos

Blood Spatter Cookie Ingredients:

-Original Oreo Cookies
-Red Cookie Icing, I prefer Wilton brand for this here.


Layer the OREO cookies onto a baking rack to allow the bloody icing to drip off and away from the cookies. This is important so that the excess icing does not pool around the cookies. Protect your surfaces before getting started with your bloody icing by using something like wax paper underneath the rack and on the sides of your rack. Use a small bowl or container to add the cookie icing to and dip your food brush in to get a generous amount to flick.Use a food brush to flick and drip your icing onto the cookies. Make sure to have fun with this part, kids will love it, too.

Blood Spatter Oreo Cookies

Let your sweet and bloody cookies dry nicely for about an hour and they will be ready to flaunt and haunt your Halloween guests with.  These make a super fun addition to any Halloween party table or for gifting in a Booing basket. Creepy Halloween Party Treats. From haunted pudding cups, to blood spattered OREO cookies and more.


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And that's a wrap! Super fun ideas on how to add some creepy fun to your Halloween this year. Hope you enjoyed them!

As I'm writing this, I'm trying to conjure up more sweet and creepy ideas to use this simple method on.

Do you have more blood spatter ideas? Leave me a comment and I'd love to check them out!


Blood Spatter OREOS

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Thursday 20th of September 2018

So spooktacular! Thanks for the Halloween ideas..

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

That's so easy! Thank you for sharing the cool idea!

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