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Cute Christmas Bedroom Makeover

Cute Christmas Bedroom Makeover

Deck the halls! Since I was able to decorate my home for the holidays so early this year, I had more time to get extra festive. It was about time to explore Christmas Bedroom Ideas! I'm so excited about how easy it is to give my bedroom a Christmas makeover! Obsessed with these simple ways to transform a bedroom for the holiday season. If you're looking for ways to get extra festive, this is a great way to join the fun! This post contains affiliate links.

cozy christmas bedroom setup with heart-shaped pillows, gingerbread blankets and pretty tent.

These Christmas bedroom ideas might be filed under "ways to make 2020 suck less" or if I'm being more optimistic... "ways to make Christmas 2020 extra amazing".  The ideas that I came up with are so easy to do and worth every moment.

I'm only two sleeps in and wondering why I have never transformed my bedroom into a Christmas wonderland before. No matter which direction I'm laying, it's like the perfect holiday infusion. 


Aside from Christmas Countdowns for 2020, this has got to be the best way to make this holiday season even more special and memorable. You get a makeover, you get a makeover... everyone gets a Christmas makeover. Even if you have limited space, you can still decorate a small room for Christmas, too. It may sound like a waste or even frivolous, but I have to tell you to try it once anyway. I honestly feel like I'm waking up in the north pole and I'm obsessed.

christmas snack tray with gingerbread mug and adorable gingerbread house snowglobe

Let me share these surprisingly simple ideas to help get you started on your own Christmas bedroom decor. 


First stop on the sleigh? Comforter shopping! Definitely falls under one of the top ways to instantly transform your room. A simple search online will help direct you on where to find one.

I wanted something that was a little more whimsical than the traditional red and green, so I ended up finding a cool site that I had never heard of. Society6. They have an incredible selection of artist-created products you can purchase and I am in love. It was SO very hard to choose, but I ended up with this Gingerbread Candy Land comforter. They also have everything under the sun to match. I stuck with just the comforter to stick on my budget, but the sky is the limit if you're open to it.

If you have a holiday or neutral comforter already, you can probably just add some fun decorative pillows and a Christmas throw to transform your bed. Bonus.

That leads me to the next tip.

cute pillows on a holiday bed


These are the perfect special touches to make your room look cute for Christmas. Pretty much every store that sells holiday decor during this time of the year offers some. I am kind of bummed because I didn't get the ones I really wanted for too many reasons to mention. {Insert grr face here}. But, given the hoops I jumped through, I still think the holiday pillows and throws that I ended up with are really cute.

I am super bummed though that I forgot to add this mini gingerbread pillow that I actually have at home already. But, doing a reshoot of the photo was just too much. So, long story short - work with what you have. It's still worth it.

cute simple ways to do a christmas bedroom makeover


I thought of doing this, but since I normally keep the cats in our bedroom at night so they DON'T mess up my Christmas tree, I decided against it. They definitely think it's a cat tree and adore running off with my ornaments.

So, to get the vibe, I added this mini tree to my side table instead. Definitely a budget-friendly no fuss kind of option if  you can't go big.


This is a another easy one. Simply swap out your normal bedside stuff with holiday stuff. Whether it's a simple as a holiday book, mini tree or just a holiday candle, it is a great way to easily make a room feel Christmassy.


If you want another super easy transformation, use scent to tell the story. The addition of holiday-scented candles, melts or air-fresheners are a must.

There are some great scents out this season, but this gorgeous candle matched so nicely with my decor. I also had a pretty pink candle at home already, so I included it, too.

pretty holiday bed transformation


One of the my very very favorite parts of my Christmas themed bedroom is this tent. These are often referred to as mosquito nets, but tent sounds much cuter to me. I was surprised at how affordable some of them are and super easy to install. Here is the tent that I purchased and I totally love that it has stars on it that lightly glows-in-the-dark. You could also just decorate your bed board with Christmas bedroom lights, too! You can add them anywhere, really. Have fun with it!

So fun. Every time I look up, it is just SO dreamy. I can get used to waking up in this amazing little wonderland that I created.

cute pastel christmas bedroom decor


Once you decorate, make sure to take some moments to savor it. Snuggle up with a holiday book, a warm mug of hot cocoa, breakfast in bed... you name it. Speaking of, I'm obsessed with my new Gingerbread Man Mug.

If you have an Alexa, make sure to tune into to some holiday tunes to set the vibe. If you have a TV in your room, I'm OBSESSED with playing videos like this for instant ambiance:

Last but not least, don't forget to put a snow-globe like this one in your room. There's something so magical about it. It's the easiest way to whisk yourself away to Christmas quickly.

cute gingerbread snowglobe from target If you need me, I'll be taking a Christmas-themed nappy nap.

whimsical bed with gingerbread comforter, cute pillows and a sheer tent

Hope you loved this inspiration! If you are looking for more decorated Christmas bedroom ideas, I totally have your back.

I am so excited to team up with Amy from Savvy Saving Couple for another way to celebrate the holiday season. 

Visit her to get the best tips on adding holiday magic with these classic farmhouse bedroom ideas. You are going to love it!

adorable gingerbread mug on snack tray in christmas setting
Share your bedroom makeovers and tag me on social media. I would LOVE to see!
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