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No Contact Christmas Ideas

No Contact Christmas Ideas

Holly Jolly Christmas ideas are what it's all about today. We're talking about some great Christmas party ideas for 2020. That means the celebration will be close to our hearts, but everyone else might be far away. Rather than be bummed about things potentially looking a little different, I say let's embrace it. Let's get our Christmas on even if we may not be able to get up close and personal. Today, I have some Holly Jolly Christmas solutions for you and yours that will keep the holiday spirit high all while being socially distant. These low contact and no contact ideas will help you start planning your holiday shindig now. This post may contain affiliate offers. 

no contact christmas idea list


Social distancing seems to be a thing right about now, so we need to find ways to work around it. Creativity is key! I've already shared socially distanced party ideas for general parties like birthdays along with Halloween, and now I have some gems for Christmas, too. We all want to be together for Christmas. It's one of the big "get together" holidays all across the country and the world. This year, that may not be on the "menu", so I started thinking about how we can be together in spirit, even if we can't be together physically. I came up with some ideas that I think you'll love. Please be sure to use your own precaution and adhere to any local mandates when making your plans.bright pink christmas tree with dessert decorations like candy land


When I think of Holly Jolly Christmas anything, I think of decorating the tree. The entire family can make an event out of it by live-chatting as they decorate their trees. Simply designate a tree decorating time that works for everyone, and then you can all decorate the tree and your home at the same time. It's a fun way to share one of the most fun parts of the season. You'll be able to see and talk about your family's decorations and generally have a sense of connection. 


Don't forget to decorate like you always do to keep in the spirit. To make things extra special, why not go harder this year? If you only decorate indoors, why not try decorating outdoors this year as well? The more the merrier.

pink christmas decorations with wall art, wreath and pink garland.


Instead of sharing real cookies, why not start a Christmas cookie RECIPE swap instead? Fun new tradition! 


Last year I hosted the very best Christmas party. Everyone made their own ugly sweater AT the party. It was such a blast. This year, why not still have some fun? Start an online group and invite friends to share their own ugly sweater creations. You could also team up with a few friends and provide sweater decor for each other to see what you can all come up with. Like an ugly sweater challenge. Have fun with it and take lots of pics.

Ugly Sweater DIY Table with stickers, bowls, bells and silly holiday themed glasses.


Of course, the first thing we think of when we think about Christmas is breakfast and presents on Christmas morning. Most families will get together at some point on Christmas day to share the season - and presents - with one another. Well, that can still be done! It's super easy. 

Simply wrap your presents and ship them to your family members. Have them do the same. Then on Christmas morning, everyone fires up their smartphones and uses the family's app of choice to have breakfast "together" and then open presents. It's a great way to digitally share Christmas morning together, allowing the family to share breakfast and presents in a way that is still personal and full of fun even though they can't be together. 


Tied for first place with Christmas Morning is Christmas Eve. Lots of families do potlucks for their Christmas Eve celebrations. You can do a version of that even at home. Have everyone make a list of what they would normally bring to your Christmas Eve bash. Then, everyone in the family can make smaller portions of those dishes. Again, ship your presents to everyone ahead of time. On Christmas Eve, everyone can use an app on their smartphone to enjoy the food and presents together. Everyone will be eating the same thing and opening presents together. It's the next best thing to being there. Christmas cookies you can buy from the store


Everyone in the family can set a time and choose cookies that they'd like to make and then have a group baking party with their phones. Everyone can make different cookies for the other family members to admire. This is just for fun.

Bonus idea. Swap your very favorite cookie recipe with another family and you can each make each other's recipe. 


Get the entire family together for a Christmas car parade. Designate a quiet area to meet up. Have everyone decorate their cars and take turns driving by parade-style. Take turns so that everyone can see the awesome car decorations.

You can also do this on foot. Each person or family can get super creative by getting dressed up or carrying funny props and walk the “parade”. You could make it extra fun with a theme like this Ugly Sweater parade. 🙂


Make sure to check locally to see what kind of clever holiday events are available to take advantage. One that I've seen pop up are drive-through Christmas lights. 

Holding a bunch of Christmas Crackers


Pair up with family or just one good friend and share your Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown reveals by text, video, FaceTime or any kind of messaging app leading up to Christmas day. It's SO much fun, I promise.

Last year, I asked a few blog friends to join me to share our countdowns on our IG stories, it was SO much fun. This year I'll be doing the same. If you want to be a part of the fun, be sure to follow cutefetti on Instagram for all the best reveals!

You could also do a Christmas Cracker reveal for something unique.


Have you heard of surprise "flocking"? It's where you surprise someone by secretly decorating their lawn with flamingo lawn ornaments. Why not do something similar for Christmas? I found some cute holiday flamingo lawn ornament and more over on Amazon.


Still obsessed with hosting something for Christmas? If you live in a warmer climate, set up a party table outdoors and invite your friends, family and neighbors to come pick up a party box filled with fun individually wrapped Christmas treats and candies that they can take home with them. Be sure to stagger your invite times for easy no contact pick up.

If you live somewhere snowy, load up a long sled with your party boxes instead.


Commemorate Coronamis 2020 with a family photo. See if there are any local photographers willing to take a family photo from a distance in your front yard. Be sure to go all out with festive outdoor decorations for the perfect backdrop. A great place to find one is in local Facebook free for all groups.

diy hot chocolate gift box with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, vanilla and a cute polar bear mug


What the world needs now.. is love, sweet love. Be the joy this year by being kinder than ever... and by gifting harder than ever. You don't have to spend a lot of money, put some thought and creativity into it. It's the small and thoughtful gestures that will mean the absolute most. 


What better way to spread joy that to share surprise gifts to friends and family for Christmas 2020? I've been more and more obsessed with this fun idea. Stuff gifts and balloons in a box and deliver to friends or create smaller scale goodie bags or favor boxes and deliver them on the downlow.

christmas cheer in a box


Totally corny? Possibly. But if you like this sort of thing, you can pull it off if your family is on board to make rounds in the neighborhood.


Although we can't be together physically, we can definitely make staying connected a priority this holiday season. With these ideas, you can still enjoy all the fun of Christmas as a family even though you can't be together in the way you'd prefer. From no contact to low contact, these ideas are the perfect way to start planning for a fun holiday season.

Remember, the spirit of Christmas is in your heart, and you can connect those across any distance. Especially with smartphones! =D 

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