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Valentine's Heart Shaped Candy Board

Valentine's Heart Shaped Candy Board

Nothing says happy Valentine's day faster than heart-shaped candy if you ask me. I thought it would be so fun to put together a festive tray filled with all heart candies from gummies to chocolates. This easy Valentine's Day Dessert Board came together so easily and is definitely going to be a crowd pleasure for all ages.

This would be great for celebrations of any kind from larger parties to smaller occasions. This could also be fun for celebrating Galentine's day, too. If you are planning something delicious that everyone will rave about, this big list of Valentine's day heart candy will definitely come in handy. 


valentine's day candy board

These fun candies are perfect for putting together a themed candy or dessert buffet, making favor bags or just placing them out on a board or tray like I did. Instant treat for any Valentine's Day occasion.


There are so many names for a tray like this one. Candy charcuterie or dessert cheese board made me giggle the most. Whatever you decide to call this, there's one thing that is guaranteed. It will be delicious! 

Here's are some basic thought-starters on things you need to create your own sweet charcuterie dessert board (get the full printable list of items that I used below):

  • Large Tray, Serving Platter or Cutting Board
  • Heart-shaped Mini Serving Bowls
  • Chocolate Heart Candies
  • Gummy Heart Candies
  • Heart Shaped Snacks
  • Conversation Hearts
  • Sprinkles with Hearts

valentine's day candy buffet for parties


Dessert trays are basically the new dessert buffet but way easier to set up. It's perfect for placing in the center of a table to get people to gather around. It's great to cozy up with for a more intimate setting, but you can also set it on a party table.

One board or tray, so many possibilities. It's such a win/win.

  • Make sure to choose enough candies to cover the size board or tray that you plan on using to set this up.
  • Use a variety of smaller dishes and bowls to hold items to keep them separated and to add more visual interest. I loved using mini heart bowls for this board.
  • Another tip to make a dessert or candy board feel more full is to spread out smaller candies in between and around all of your main add-ins. I used Celebration Hearts for this board which I think will be a new favorite to use for this sort of thing (see visual in the printable list below and another V-day board that I used them on).

candy spread for valentine's day

  • To make things extra beautiful, take extra time to make sure the colors of your candy matches. When I first starting building my own board, I started with pretty pastel colors because they are my favorite. But, I soon realized that most of the candies that I had found were darker tones and a lot of red. So, I decided that I'd shift my original ideas to a go with bolder colored candies as the main focus.

It worked out that I could add a little of the pastels in to balance things. Colors really do matter if you are aiming to take your dessert charcuterie board over the top.

best valentine's day heart candy

  • Add some small packages of individually wrapped heart shaped candy to add an extra pop of color and interest.
  • Add small dishes of matching sprinkles to give the board an extra element of fun.





valentine's day dessert board

I hope that these tips and ideas help you to set up your own dessert charcuterie board with candy hearts for Valentine's Day.

Keep scrolling for a printable list and links to most of the products used to create this board.

valentine's day candies on a platter


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candy board with all heart candy

Heart Shaped Candy Board

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Heart Candy Dessert Board for Valentine's Day with big list of heart-shaped candies.


  • Market Pantry Heart Shapes Mixed Fruit Snacks
  • SNICKERS Valentine's Heart Candy Bars 
  • DOVE PROMISES Candy Hearts 
  • Brach's Tiny Conversation Hearts
  • Lifesavers Gummies - Messages Hearts & Rings 
  • Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Ganache Masterpiece 
  • STARBURST Heart Shaped Jellybeans 
  • Welch's Fruit Snack Gummies Valentines Day Candy Pouches
  • Sugared Rainbow Gummy Triples 
  • Palmers Fudge Filled Chocolate Hearts
  • Sweetworks Celebrations Shimmer Pastel Hearts


    Choose enough candy to cover the size board or tray that you choose.

    Use a variety of smaller dishes and bowls to hold items to keep them separated and to add more visual interest.

    Make the board feel more full by spreading out smaller candies in between and around all of your main candy offerings.

    Want to stylize your board even more? Make sure the colors of your candy match each other. Choose a 2-3 main colors and try to stick with them.

candy board with all heart candy


Almost anywhere that they would sell Valentine's Day candy such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Drugstores are great for finding seasonal candy, too.


What would you add to your own board? What are your fav V-day candies?

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